Member Benefits
AudioTeller:   Access your account information using your phone anytime in English or Spanish.  Get your account balance, make transfers between your accounts, and loan payments too. Find out what checks cleared your account or confirm that your deposit has been made.

Call 847-724-1800 anytime to access your account information through our 24/7 automated system.
Call 847-724-6306 to speak to us directly during business hours or to leave a message.

FlexTeller:   Internet access of your account information using your PC, tablet, or mobile device.  Makes account management easier than ever. Transfer funds, review past statements, set-up eAlerts, view deposits, view check images and much more.

Go to the Tools and Information tab above, Forms and Information to find the instructions to start using FlexTeller today.

If you haven’t yet enrolled and would like to begin using this service, please call the credit union to make arrangements.

MobileTeller:  Specially designed for the internet. With your smart phone or tablet, go to the Home Page and click on “Mobile Users login here” to begin.

eAlerts: Stay in touch with your account activity by getting notified immediately by text or email when changes occur to it.  You determine when and how often you wish to be notified.  Another great free service.

eStatements: When you select eStatements, all of your past statements can be accessed securely online.  Avoid them getting lost in the mail, the need to have one reprinted, or having confidential information get into the wrong hands if not disposed of properly.  Each month we will send you an email letting you know that the new statement is available to you.

Direct Deposit / Payroll Deductions: Have your full payroll check or even a payroll deduction deposited into any of your accounts here. Your pension and Social Security payments can be direct deposited as well.  These deposits are immediately available for your use. All you will need is our Routing Transit Number (RTN): 271984780 and your individual account number to get you started.

Bill Pay Classic or Business options:  Writing checks, adding stamps and mailing your payments is no longer necessary when you use Bill Pay.   This service allows you to pay your bills anytime you wish.  You decide when, to whom,  and how much to pay and we do the rest.

Sign up from our Home Page under Logins, Bill Pay and then select Classic or Business Bill Pay Login.

Money transfers:  Send and receive funds electronically.  Send funds domestically or internationally by wire transfer, Next Day Money Transfer or Western Union.  You can find the forms under the Tools and Information tab, Forms and Information.

Foreign Cash purchases: We have over a 100 different currencies that you can purchase at a low price.  Save time and money by bringing the cash along with you instead of finding a place to exchange it when you arrive in the foreign county.

Notary Public Service: Need a signature notarized? Contact us to schedule an appointment during lobby hours. This service is FREE to our members. 

VISA Gift Cards are accepted everywhere VISA is, making it a versatile gift or a great back up for cash.  These prepaid gift cards are available in any amount from $10 to $1,000 and are available in a variety of designs.

Auto Loan Pre-approvals and Referral Program: Get your loan approved before you shop for a vehicle for better negotiating power. Loan Applications can be found under Tools and Information, Forms and Information.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection: Add this insurance to your automobile purchase in the event of an unexpected breakdown.  You can tailor the level of coverage and we can even finance it.  Get your car repaired at the certified garage of your choice anywhere in the country. It’s also available on cars you already own and on private party purchases.

GAP Insurance:  In the event of a total loss this coverage protects you in the event that your car is worth less than what you owe on your car loan.  Your loan is then paid in full.  If your car is damaged but not a total loss while it is insured,  you will be reimbursed for your deductible – up to $500.

Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program:  Save on auto and homeowners insurance from CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency and TruStage Insurance.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance:  Insurance for the primary accountholder (sign-up required). The first $1,000 coverage is FREE just for being a member.

Drug Discount CardFree discount card which provides members an average savings of 32%-35% off prescription prices and up to as much as 75%.